Logitech Harmony

Logitech Harmony

Use your Harmony to control your LIFX and create the perfect home environment.

Automatically dim your lights to watch the latest blockbuster or set the mood to match your music.

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How Harmony controls LIFX

Harmony hub based remotes connect with LIFX over your Wi-Fi network. Simply connect your LIFX to the same home network as your Harmony hub.

Already a Harmony living home? Enhance your experience today by adding LIFX Wi-Fi LED light bulbs to your home.

Is my Harmony compatible?

All Harmony hub based remotes will connect and with LIFX. Harmony remotes without Harmony hub will not be able to connect to LIFX as they can not connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Learn more about the Harmony experience with LIFX on the Harmony Living Home website.