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1200 Lumens

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LIFX Clean is the world’s first antibacterial, germicidal smart light. It has all of our standard smart light functionality – billions of colour options, voice control capability, and smart home automation – plus it doubles as an advanced cleaning tool.

By scheduling LIFX Clean to activate its Clean Cycle in the hours that you’re not using it as a standard smart light, HEV lighting will switch on to eliminate harmful bacteria* on surfaces and objects in your home. Plus, it’s is safe for you, your family, your pets and your plants. There’s never been a lighter way to a cleaner home.


Brightness: 1200 Lumens
CRI: 80
Wattage Use: 11.5W at full brightness
Wattage Equivalent: 80W Incandescent
Wattage on Standby: Less than 0.5W
Voltage Range: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Colour Temperature: 1500K to 9000K
Beam Angle: 135°
Dimming: Software dimming 1% -100%
Wi-Fi Router: 802.11b,g,n standards compliant
Security: WPA, WPA2
Dimensions: 63 mm x 63 mm x 116 mm

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A light so smart we taught it how to clean.

Let's be honest, manual cleaning is a drag. Which is why we made LIFX Clean. By using our app to schedule a Clean Cycle, LIFX Clean can make your daily routine a bit more automatic. Without lifting a finger, wipe out E. coli and S. aureus on your bacteria-ridden phones, controllers, kitchen counters, bathroom sinks and more.

But it gets better. LIFX Clean is so much more than just a cleaning tool. It's actually the ultimate smart light because it can eliminate bacteria* AND it has all of the awesome features of our standard smart lights. Think billions of color options, voice control, smart home integrations – the whole lot.

And unlike other products on the market that use UV light, LIFX Clean uses HEV light to eliminate bacteria. The difference? While UV is dangerous for everyone and almost everything in your home, HEV is safe for your family, pets, and plants. Because is it really smart if it isn't safe?

Clean smarter, folks.

Smart light by day, germ buster by night.

During the day, use LIFX Clean as a standard LIFX smart light. Schedule it to wake you softly in the morning, illuminate your work space throughout the afternoon, and then help you doze off before bed. At night, schedule LIFX Clean to turn on, eliminate bacteria* with HEV light, and then turn off when it’s complete. Set and forget this Clean Cycle to happen while you sleep for a truly hands-off routine.

Wipe out bacteria without lifting a finger.

Program a Clean Cycle to run your disinfection session automatically. Use LIFX Clean in a desk lamp over everyday objects like your cell phone, keyboard, or gaming controller for close-range disinfection with a quicker Clean Cycle. Or, put your bulb in a larger lamp or hanging pendant to reduce germs on surfaces like your kitchen counter or bathroom sink for a broader disinfection with a longer runtime.

Is it really smart if it isn't safe?

LIFX Clean uses high-energy visible (HEV) wavelengths to disinfect your home, meaning it’s UV-free. Why? Because even though UV lighting is effective for disinfection, it's not safe for you or your household. UV wavelengths are dangerous to human eyes and skin, it can seriously harm your pets and plants, and can even cause the paintings on your walls to fade. On the smarter side of things, HEV is both germicidal and safe for use in the presence of people, pets, plants and paintings.

An entire cleaning routine is just two clicks away.

Finding the time to clean your home is half the burden. But with just two clicks in our app, you can scheduled a daily Clean Cycle, which is the time and duration your LIFX Clean switches to HEV light and wipes out bacteria. Simply click on the Clean icon in the top right corner of your app, then press “Activate” to set and forget an entire cleaning routine, and get back to the more important things in your day.